Cool Chain Logistics

Temperature at departure: 10 degrees
Temperature in transit: 10 degrees
Temperature on arrival: 10 degrees
Now that’s cool!

STI is realistic. We no longer live in a world where the best solution is next door; we no longer work locally, we work globally. And that is why STI provides cool chain services - to offer you real world solutions. Remaining at the forefront of next generation logistics solutions, STI offers you cool chain solutions to ensure your temperature controlled goods travel end-to-end at the perfect temperature.

The STI cool chain service has access to most of the STI service options. With STI cool chain, you can:
* Have temperature controlled goods freighted by land or by air
* Store goods in our temperature controlled warehouses
* Benefit from supply chain management of temperature controlled goods
* Be assured that goods are temperature controlled and monitored at all stages - including handling
* Avail cool chain cross docking services and be assured that your goods are being managed by expert STI cool chain staff, worldwide

Our cool chain service at a glance:
* End-to-end cool chain freighting
* Warehousing: STI warehouses can store multiple goods of varying temperatures. You can have an entire warehouse set at one temperature, or a segmented warehouse set at varying temperatures to maintain your goods
* Cool chain management
* Confirmed collection and delivery times, continuous tracking

Our cool chain services are constantly monitored to guarantee accurate temperatures are kept at all times.

Don’t keep it cool, keep it perfect… with STI cool chain logistics. Contact STI today on 04 886 5000 and let us know what temperature we should set your warehouse to.