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Food Service

We specialized in logistics so you can focus on your core competencies.

STI specializes in the Food Service, FMCG, Beverages and Hotel Logistics sectors; offering innovative solutions, designed to respond to the rapidly changing market.

The food service industry is one of the most demanding industries.

Some of the challenges facing the food service industry include:
Time challenges: Customer demands must be met on time.
Limited supply-flow visibility: Supply-flow visibility can be limited because the tracking of land freight can be costly.
Low margins mean that costs must be kept as low as possible.
Consumer demand changes frequently: Supply must meet the varying demand, otherwise shortage or waste can occur.

Despite the challenges, the food service industry is a major industry. Regionally, more than 80% of food is imported. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicts the region population to reach 50 million by 2020, with increasing per capita spending on food. In response to these growing numbers, private sector companies worldwide have increased their imports to the region. As a preferred import/export partner, STI offers market responsive solutions for the food industry.

Our Food Service Solutions at a glance:
*Territory planning
* Real-time ETA
* Dispatch management
* Performance benchmark tracking
* End-to-end cool chain services
* International express air freight
* LTL and FTL land freight services
* Warehousing (Cross docking)

STI's food service industry solutions benefit your company by optimizing efficiencies, increasing visibility (so you can plan and map services and meet customer needs), decrease costs normally associated with maintenance/repair of capital funded equipment, and so much more.

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