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Freight solutions mean real solutions. Delaying shipment until you have enough to fill a truck is not a solution - it’s a loss.

STI offers Less-than Truck Load (LTL) shipping, so you can ship what you need, when you need it, regardless of size, at a competitive price.

STI’s LTL has been designed to offer fast, convenient, low-cost land-freighting, when the freight required to send is not sufficient to fill a FTL.

STI LTL land-freight at a glance:
* STI’s regional and local alliances mean fewer delays
* Our team have, utilizing our state-of-the-art mapping system, mapped the most precise distribution routes to minimize distribution time
* We guarantee compatible freighting (your goods will be packed with similar goods and/or goods that do not interfere with, or cause damage to, your goods)
* Shipments are tracked and securely packed
* Market competitive pricing

On time. Every time. Whatever the size.

Not sure if LTL is the best solution for your needs? Contact us today on 04 886 5000 and let our team advise you.